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Cards and/or variants to be added

This is an overview of all Pokémon TCG products that contain cards and/or variants that need to be added to the card database.

Product releases that aren't an expansion, but are related to the expansion, aren't listed, unless:

  1. The product release date differs from the expansion release date.
  2. The information page of the expansion release (see link) doesn't include information about the related product.

The card database sources were last checked on 2023/11/17.

Release date Name TCG regions Link
2023/10/?? PTCG Classic Japan
2023/11/03 Iron Moth (Paradox Rift 028/182) (EB Games) International
2023/11/10 Scarlet & Violet Special Deck Sets Japan
2023/11/17 PTCG Classic International
2023/12/01 Shiny Treasure ex Japan
2024/01/26 "Tech Sticker Collection Blister" Japan
2024/01/26 Paldean Fates International
2024/01/?? Wild Force & Cyber Judge Japan
2024/03/?? Crimson Haze Japan
2024/??/?? Pokémon TCG Illustration Contest Promos International, Japan
????/??/?? Battle Academy Japan
Already released Various Scarlet & Violet Promos Japan