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Image pipeline folder

The image pipeline folder is intended as a location to temporarily store work in progress on images. A folder must be created per image type, each with the following subfolders:

  1. raw: The images have been scanned or downloaded from an external location and need to be processed (edited, resized, etc.).
  2. processed: The images have been edited, resized, or don't need to be edited.

Once a raw image has been processed, it must be moved to the processed folder. Once a processed image has been moved or uploaded to its intended destination (such as the TCG Collector website), it must be deleted from this storage location.

File and folder names are required to follow these conventions.


Card images must be put in a separate folder per TCG region and expansion. The image files must be named after their card number (or card number sorting order if not available).

For example:

  • international/base-set/58-102.png
  • japan/25th-anniversary-collection/no-031.png

Adding metadata

Before processed card images can be used by our systems, metadata such as the expansion and card number needs to be added. This can be done using TCG Collector tools image resource files. Once the appropriate image resource file has been created, the image (together with its resource file) must be moved to the staged TCG Collector tools resources folder.

Expansion symbols and logos

Expansion symbol and logo files must be named after their expansion and be put in a folder per TCG region.

  • international/base-set.png
  • japan/25th-anniversary-collection.png